The three units on each floor of the Faraday each have particular characteristics and features unique to them. The rear units (203/303/403) Looks out over the neighborhood with trees while the front units facing Vernon street overlook the Uptown area with sunset views. A plan of the entire floor is provided here so you may see how the units relate to one another.

Faraday Top Floor

Faraday 2nd & 3rd Floors

2nd and 3rd Floor Residences

The second and third floors of The Faraday feature three one-story units on each level with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry room, spacious closets, and an open-plan kitchen, dining, and living room area to maximize entertaining options and flow of light.

Units 201 & 301

1221 sq. ft.

Units 202 & 302

1296 sq. ft.

Units 203 & 303

1183 sq. ft.

Top Floor Residences

The 4th floor level of the Faraday features three, two-story 1500+ square-foot units, each with soaring ceilings, open plan dining-living-kitchen area, and stairs ascending to an airy mezzanine level, with a large master bath and closet, and a third bedroom — for a top-level master suite, guest oasis, home office, or den.

Furnishings shown to the right are computer-generated images created by an outside source.  These images may not accurately depict the true scale of the space and are not included in the sale.  Neither Seller nor Listing Broker has or will investigate or verify the accuracy of the relative scale of the furnishings and/or the space in these images.

Unit 401

1994 sq. ft.

Unit 402

1844 sq. ft.

Unit 403

1507 sq. ft.